Yes, It Is a Very Beautiful Flower. Also… You're on LSD! — home for decades of creative campaigns for progressive causes (e.g. the original Last Page On The Internet, the infamous McDougal-Douglas Jet Fighter Warranty Reply Card and the controversial MonsterCard "Priceless" Ad) — is once again being used to Do Serious Good While Having Fun by benefitting the Harmless Little Project (see:
HLP is a privacy technology project from the nonprofit (501c3) CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) to develop a Harmless Little Platform that: protects the Public from Internet commercial harms; secures the communications of journalists, human rights & social justice workers, and; increases the quality of world citizens' communications to promote Peace.

Please make a charitable donation using the Harmless Little Prototype and you'll immediately enjoy some privacy-enhancing HLP features that defend you against corporations targeting your social connections. Register a privacy-enhancing email alias @ (and at other interesting domains), set up a private mailing list for family/colleagues, and learn how to generate income with your own domain by providing secure online services to others in HLP's cyphercloud.
NOTE: Want to buy (or broker) this extraordinarily memorable three-letter dot-com domain name to benefit the Harmless Little Project's research? Please email CRF's fundraising team at